Intelligent Evil
Greetings, mortals (and not). I wish to tell you of a particular book, I've been reading for the last several days. It is neither more, nor less - the first book of the first trilogy about Erevis Cale by Paul Kemp, known as "Twilight Falling".

Remember one thing, Erevis Cale, first of five,
whatever you do, two and two are always four. (c)

The events of this book precede the legendary Twilight War, I had written of before. Sembian nation is yet to face upcoming crisis and Erevis Cale is still a fully human being. After the death of his past master, he decided to end leading a double life. Even if an assassin wears butler's clothes, his soul is still dark and cruel. And Cale was just too tired of false courtesies to those, who might be his next victims. But it is not up to mortals to decide their fate and the very same time another decision was made elsewhere. A group of shady mercenaries led by a renegade mage decided to obtain an artifact - a sphere, which was by cruel coincidence, the last item bought by Lord Uskevren, Erevis Cale's last master. Which means that "Mr. Cale"'s mask must be worn a bit longer in order to prevent bloodshed of Uskevren family. So once again does loyal butler take his deadly weapons to protect, not to assassinate. The problem is, enemies wear masks too...
It is obvious that this sphere is something more than it seems, but no one, except those who are after it, know what can it do. So in order the sphere and the family of Uskevren, Cale has to find allies of his own. And there is only one man in whole city of Selgaunt who has complete trust of Erevis Cale - Jak Fleet. Luckily his enemies have already made a major mistake - they tried to kill Drasek Riven which is the shortest known way to grave in Sembia.
So Erevis Cale and his friend Jak Fleet, who used to be a member of mysterious Harpers organization, have to unite with Drasek Riven, cruel killer, who used to be a member of merciless Zhentharim network. And it is nearly impossible for a harper to work with a zhent even for greater good. Furthermore Riven hates Jak a lot as Jak had almost killed the killer once. But the two of them are deadly force together. So Cale has to keep their anger at bay as a friend and as an assassin.

Mysterious enemies capable of non-human power, dangerous alliance, growing call of shadoweave, intrigues of Mask and rare magic of numbers - Erevis Cale couldn't expect it all to come down at him at once, but as usual, he ll manage. Either with word or with sword.

2 more books about great assassin await, and I can hardly keep my patience at bay.

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