Intelligent Evil
Просто, чтобы показать, что я еще жив, вот вам пара богоподобных цитат из нежданно попавшего мне в руки 3 тома Secret Six:

"I met a devil once. Said his name was Neron. Asked me what I wanted for my soul. Know what I told him, Padre? More bullets." (c) Deadshot

"- I was thinking, what its like to be abandoned and tortured and abused and forgotten. When your life is so worthless that your only degraded value to anyone is when your pain gives them amusement, and the person entrusted to care for you sees you as more disposable than a used tissue...
- ...?!
- But then I thought... I wonder what its like to fuck a butterfly?" (c) Ragdoll

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