Cutest foxes live on Tatooine

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yesterday I came back from a tour that brought me from Africa straight to the sandy homeland of Luke Skywalker. And no, I haven't overheated my head. I ve been to the famous Sahara desert. And while there I ve visited the place where Tatooine part of the Star Wars filming occured, even with some of the decorations intact.
It was amazing! And I ve also seen and touched one of the cutest animals of our planet - fenek, the little fox. It is a furry fox, size of a kitten with big ears and kind eyes. It is beyond adorableness!

Sahara can now be checked out of my "Places a Man must visit" list. How did it get there? Well it happens that a wise man once said that only a man true of heart can resist the Desert's call. When I first heard of it I laughed (cause I was young and stupid lol), later on I took it more seriously but still couldn't bring myself to believe there's such a thing as a Desert's call. Turns out there is. And it is strong as hell. One moment you just stand there, the next something makes you go a step forward. Then another. Then another yet. And so on. You know there is nothing ahead but you still go and go and go until you cannot see people behind anymore and thats about the second you realize, its time to turn back. But part of you still wants to go farther yet, deeper into the desert's embrace because it makes you feel there is something out there waiting for you. And who can really say there isn't? Certainly not those who are lost in the sands and they are the only ones who know for sure. The call can come at the most unexpected places; in the deep sands where no life can be seen in miles, at the bottom of the ancient ocean that dried out and left only mysterious salty flatlands for generations to follow, in the rocky hills of the Ber-Bers' abandoned village. The only thing you can know for sure is it can't occure to you when you expect it to.
Sahara has its ways to lure people and it will never cease calling for those whose heart is ready to hear. I ve heard it and found enough willpower to resist it.

Anyway tomorrow I am coming back to Moscow and I am comin from Africa as pale as ever. Because I ve always hated the sun and this time I managed to avoid it enough not to get burned while getting more than enough of opportunities to swim for my pleasure. So how's the weather there? Hot or rainy or both as usual?

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2013-07-08 в 01:13 

It's Tattoine while weather is hot and Dagoba while it's rainy. And no Yodas at all. t_t

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