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Yesterday was the day of my first tour. It was a 3-part tour but I picked it solely because of its first part, namely the Udna ruins. They were so interesting to me for a reason - it was an archaeological site thats never been open to public before. Well now I know that they probably still aren't.
I am 90% sure that what we visited was an illegal tour arranged either by the archaeologists themselves or by the security chief (more likely). Why? Well where else will you see a tour with no signs or borders whatsoever, where there's only 1 guard per site and tourists can walk, climb and touch wherever they please. Oh and when we reached the largest site our "guide" (who spoke terrible russian and couldn't tell us much beyond "Jirinovskiy was there") was constantly speaking to the chief of guard who told him where is what in french. I could understand part of their dialog so the guide only repeated what the guard said a minute ago making up some details so it would sound more truthful.
Nevertheless such disdain for this country's historical values gives us a rare opportunity to visit an actual archaeological site with real ruins but without crowds of gaping idiots from all over the world and without any restrictions as to where to go and what to see. If you come to Tunis in the nearest year (I doubt this tour will last longer) come to Udna, its a rare experience worth taking.
Also there were a lot of spiky plants of all shapes and sizes covered with thousands (really thousands!) of pearly white snails. At first i thought them to be some kind of berries but no, they were snails all right! Quite disturbing view really.

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