Icy shores of Africa.

Intelligent Evil
Greetings from Tunis (I know its called some other way in proper english but I'm lazy to google, so I transliterated^^)!
I arrived yesterday at night and spent today trying to relax.
Few things to know about this place.
1) Oficially its Africa but its way colder here than in Moscow. I'm actually freezing at night. As far as I recall last time I visited Africa, it used to be much warmer here, like 30+ in the shadow. Right now I can barely swim in the pool, forget about the icy sea.
2) The hotel we re staying at, was advertised to us as a 5 star ultra-platinum quality. To be fair its somewhere around 4 star, and we were given a room in the basement. No kidding.
3) We signed up for 3 tours and hope the weather gets better here.

Stay cool.

@музыка: Voltaire

@настроение: good but cold

@темы: English, In Brightest Day!, Жизнь

2013-06-30 в 21:29 

Джэя [DELETED user] [DELETED user]
мажор, футы нуты! xDD

2013-06-30 в 22:13 

Странно, Тунис - это же Средиземное море, к тому же со стороны Африки, значит южнее, чем Греция. Хотя т-ра воды у них сегодня была +22С, а у нас в заливе +23С. Вот и езди после этого летом в Африку. :-D

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