Intelligent Evil
Yesterday I was playing in the famous casino of Monte Carlo. It was my very first casino experience but I enjoyed it a lot.
I even found a Star Wars slot machine there! It was talking with the voice of C3PO and had some really nice animations. I lost 15 euro but I wasn´t upset by it)
Novovira showed how bad it is twice more for the last couple of days.
First they lost our hotel reservation and had to put us in another hotel nearby and today they showed some awesome driver-guide cooperation: our driver refused to stop and wait for another bus, where our next guide was. Yes she simply refused. It took more than an hour of spanish arguing and phone calling from our guide to persuade her.
Yet again I warn you: NEVER use services of the Novovira tour company!
If everything goes on fine, I may return to Russia in a day or 2.

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