Intelligent Evil
Nolan, you son of a bitch! How, HOW, HOW do you manage to create characters so different from their original form and yet so believable, complicated and awesome?
How do you manage to create movies so great at emotional level that they make my eyes wet?
That small post indicates that yesterday I ve seen the new Dark Knight movie. In english. I find it so good that it must be in each and every "to see" list if you ve watched the previous 2. It really puts an end to trilogy. Final is so intense and yet so complete that I wouldn't end this trilogy any other way. There simply is no better ending.
This movie has such plot twists that I was sitting in the cinema with wide eyes and gaping mouth, trying to figure how could I miss THAT. But you need to know comics to get that effect. Oh and Bane´s voice. Simply Bane´s voice. Its majestic.
Each new Nolan´s movie is better than the previous one. Prestige, then Dark Knight, then Inception and now this masterpiece. I can´t imagine how great, his next project is going to be.
I know I´m under strong impression right now. But I gonna see this movie at least twice more in Russia. So prepare yourselves!)

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