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I ll have to be brief about most things, since people here are especially greedy when it comes to the internet. I honestly don't know why. Yesterday I was here, in the very same small internet cafe, and there were 2 administrator-girls who said the price was 1,5 euro per hour, now its some gloomy old guy who for some reason doubled the price. But anyway thats still better than goddamn France (I HATE FRANCE!!!), where 1 hour of internet costs.... 5 euro. Seriously 200r for an hour of internet? Thats sick.
So here's short recollection of my brightest impressions for the last week:
1) 3 dumb guides. Very proud of being licensed guides and very bad at telling things.
2) 2 nice guides. Both are unlicensed. 1 was capable of talking 8 hours nearly non-stop (and telling really interesting things too!). I am deeply impressed.
3) Passing the border of hell. Literally. You may have heard about terrible forest fires in Spain. Well I ve been there. It really looks awful. Everything is black and grey for kilometres around. The trees are charred, the grass is reduced to coal-colored piles of dust, the mountains are covered in ash. Its truly a painful sight. Add a strong scent of smoke everywhere and you ll get a perfect picture of hell. No colors, only twisted black trees, burned ground and ash everywhere.
4) Italian pizza. Good god, its delicious beyond measure.
5) Italian and spanish beaches. Sea is great here and I enjoy swimming a lot.
6) French toy-store. So many wonderful things I would love to have in my childhood (some of them would be nice even now) and so many things I would love to buy for my future offspring. There was an actual pokeball there, real-size one, with small pokemon inside it! *_*
7) Spanish park with awesome green labyrinth and a great beach in a cove under it. Guide said, its a nudist beach. Lol, too bad I had no binocular with me :p
8) We had an awesome Wabanuki(native-american)-looking driver in Spain. He listened to some real nice music.
9) We had great hotels everywhere but in France.
10) Local city hall is a casino at night. I find it especially funny.

I do hope, you read it, cause even when I can't write, I still read all of you.
Hopefully I ll get another chance at internet before leaving Italy. Have a nice end of July there!

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2012-07-27 в 23:26 

Mia Lumo
а мне даже нравится читать впечатления на английском. Есть в этом что-то милое)

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