3rd day of spy work, still alive.

Intelligent Evil
Well I promised, I´d write if I had the chance and here I am. In Spain currently.
Its my 3rd day in the enemy territory and so far I´m quite alive despite all their efforts. They ve already tried to burn me, to drown me, to sabotage my plane and to mislead me into the wilderness.
First, I want to warn you: never, and I do mean f**king NEVER, use the services of the tour company Novovira. They suck. Their planes suck (that would be company Red Wings), their guides suck and they don´t care about their clients.
Let me tell you this little story from the beginning.
I was supposed to fly a pretty red plane at 6 o´clock in the morning. We sat in that pretty red plane for about an hour and then the pilot reluctantly said that this particular plane isn´t going anywhere because of some "technical issues" and we should return to the airport and wait for another plane. Now please, make sure you remember that part - another plane. We spent something about an hour and half in the airport when they finally told us that they found a plane for us. Alright, again all the waiting stuff in a couple of queues, extremely slow moving bus, packed with people like a can of fish. Alright, that we ve already passed through but guess what! We ve been put to the very same f**king plane that refused to fly us the first time. When we realized it someone tried to ask fat guy in official suit from somewhere around Tajikistan by the look of him, who was standing near our plane, what exactly was wrong with it the first time. His response was brilliant, really brilliant, it should be in all the books as the best way to answer such technical questions. I ll try to translate it: "The plane not to fly. We work. Now you to fly.". That reassured us a lot!
But of course thats not the end of the story. We sat in that plane for yet an hour more and the very same pilot said the very same words again. We should return to the airport and wait for another plane, yes he was pretty sure this time it was gonna be another plane for clearly that one was beyond any repair.
3 hours passed in the airport. We managed to ate something for a sum of money that would otherwise feed us 3 times over in some McDonalds. Then they came and said that hey, they found a great plane for us. Now try your hardest to guess, which plane it was. Yes the very f**king same one yet again. This time they even replaced pilot because he refused to fly this piece of shit just as some passengers did. Maybe the pilot-guy was cursed, maybe some of the refused passengers were, but the fact is - "3rd time should be the klucky one" saying works. We were angry, exhausted, but we were here.
Then we were given to one of the worst guides I ve ever met in my life. He didn´t want to tell us anything, any question irritated him like we were asking if his dead family is fine in hell and he was constantly using his phone. And no, that wasn´t even about us and this stupid plane. He was simply that kind of guy. Why the hell did he choose this job then is really beyond my understanding. The only thing he said willingly was "Thats your hotel, I´m outta here.". So we didn´t get any info from him. Then we got a nice guide for a night tour to the Spanish Villadge and the Singing Fountain. I enjoyed it a lot. I ll tell you some more about it in person because right now I´m out of time. Thats all I have to say about day 1 though, next time I ll try to write about other days here. Stay tuned.

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2012-07-23 в 15:34 

Mia Lumo
ёбаный стыд, а не полёт.
дальше будет лучше.)

2012-07-23 в 23:21 

Intelligent Evil
Mia Lumo, Thanks, I hope so too, today´s already been great)

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