3rd day of spy work, still alive.

Intelligent Evil
Well I promised, I´d write if I had the chance and here I am. In Spain currently.
Its my 3rd day in the enemy territory and so far I´m quite alive despite all their efforts. They ve already tried to burn me, to drown me, to sabotage my plane and to mislead me into the wilderness.
First, I want to warn you: never, and I do mean f**king NEVER, use the services of the tour company Novovira. They suck. Their planes suck (that would be company Red Wings), their guides suck and they don´t care about their clients.
Let me tell you this little story from the beginning.
Day 1

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2012-07-23 в 15:34 

Mia Lumo
ёбаный стыд, а не полёт.
дальше будет лучше.)

2012-07-23 в 23:21 

Intelligent Evil
Mia Lumo, Thanks, I hope so too, today´s already been great)

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