Intelligent Evil
Its been a while since I last mentioned good literature here and I suppose now is as good time as any. And of course since the book, I'm goin to tell you about, is in english, I'm going to write in english as well so that I won't perverse it with my imperfect translation.

The book I want to present now is very special and there are two reasons for that: first - this book was written by a master of word, known in our world as Clive Barker; the second - this book called for me. Let me clarify. It is quite unusual for me to have an urge to read some specific author so when about a month ago I woke up with desire to read some book, wrote by mr Barker, I was surprised. Furthermore, after searching in several bookstores I realized that I need some specific book. And then, when I saw "Weaveworld", I knew - thats the one.

There are different types of books and I tend to distinguish them by impression, they leave afterwards. And I don't mean some mere "I liked it/I didn't like it" distinction - gosh, no! I mean an impression of a deeper kind - for example, after some books, you feel like you ve had a nearly eternal discussion with a wiseman, after others you feel like you ve just visited a good friend of yours, yet another type leaves an impression of a fast roller coaster ride etc. This book is the one of my favourite type. It leaves an impression of a great journey that has just turned your life upside down, an impression that neither world, nor your dreams can never be the same. It is what I call an epic adventure. Books like that are very rare and we must cherish them.
Weaveworld is a book that has no beginning and no end as we are used to such terms. Neither introduction, nor conclusion are needed there. The story just happens to unveil right before your eyes and you just happen to be in the right time and place to see it. This story tells us of a world, known as Fugue, that's been concealed by powerful magic and hidden from the eyes of mere mortals in a simple carpet. There its inhabitants have been dormant for ages waiting for our world - The Kingdom of Cuckoos - to become a better place so they could return and reunite with us. But human minds have only grew weaker as years passed and human memories - even more so. And so we, the Cuckoos, have forgotten about the Seerkind - nation of Fugue, as their sentinels and then their children grew old and died. Maybe the Seerkind would have to live in a carpet forever if not for one malicious woman.
Immacolata has been exiled from the Fugue before it was woven into the carpet but she spent her years in our world planning her revenge. And now she found a man, who is willing to help her fulfill her strongest desire - to humiliate and destroy all of the Seerkind. Luckily there are 2 people in our world who are ready to sacrifice themselves to protect the carpet. The last descendant of Fugue's sentinels and her friend, whose mind was mesmerized by the miracles of the magic land are doing whatever they can to stop the witch and her cunning ally. They are the heroes of this story.

Suzanna - The Knight. The granddaughter of Mimi Lachevski, the last living sentinel. This kind and strong woman's life changes completely when she is inherited with the duty to protect the Fugue and stop anyone who means harm to the Seerkind. Which is extremely hard, since her enemy is one of the Seerkind and she is a mere Cuckoo.
Calhoun Mooney - The Poet. The only ally of Suzanna in this dangerous task. It only took him one glimpse of the Fugue to understand that this is no regular carpet. Since then the mysterious land of the Seerkind has been coming to his dreams slowly driving him into obsession. The only cure of which was to help Suzanna and in doing so to get close to the world that's been calling to him so intensely.
Immacolata - The Incantrix. The powerful witch driven mad by her desire of revenge upon those who exiled her into the Kingdom of Cuckoos. She still posesses her deadly raptures and has aid of the spirits of her 2 sisters. She will not stop until the Seerkind tastes the supreme humiliation and for that she has her own ally.
Shadwell - The Salesman. He is the man that can sell anything and even anyone. Immacolata hired him so that when they find the carpet, he would get his unique chance to sell whole world of wonders with its inhabitants. She also gave him the magic jacket that can illusionary fulfill any buyer's wish. The price is simple - after the wish is fulfilled, Shadwell owns the buyer.
Hobart - The Dragon. The man of the law. This policeman is obsessed with the law. So if anything defies the law, by for example, magic, he seeks to destroy it. As brutally as possible.

These formidable characters shape our story. They fight, run, make alliances, fall in love... And so the story unveils, taking us into incredible places with it.
This book isn't just about some other world, its much more complex than that. It is a book about creation and creativity, the power of imagination and the power of memory, about the perception of life, death and heaven, about insanity and love. The boundaries of why, where and how are swept away when you read it. And it is worth experiencing.
Let us forget for some time that we are just Cuckoos and let us sit together in the magic orchard of Lemuel Lo, somewhere in the land of Fugue. For there is never beginning and there is never end, there only is now.

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