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Вдохновение приходит из самых разных источников. В данном конкретном случае оно пришло ко мне из комбинации двух великолепных комиксов Вертиго: "Люцифера" и "Сэндмена". Это вдохновение помогло мне закончить начатое еще в незапамятные времена стихотворение. Оно на английском и оно про смерть. Enjoy)

The Dead and the Dying

The Dead and the Dying have met between worlds,
The Dead and the Dying have shared a few words.
The Dead was surprised to have guest at such place,
The Dying, in turn, didn't know whom he faced.

The Dying then asked "Am I finally dead?"
"No, that would be me" - the Dead solemnly said;
- You are not to stay, unless you are a fool.
- But why its for you to make up any rule?

Besides, where am I? Is it heaven or hell?
- Now that, my new friend, is not for us to tell.
You see, I ve been here for a time beyond count,
I'm pleased to get company, if you let me be blunt.

And as a good host, I'm obliged to direct,
Your room's to the right, bathroom is to the left...
But where are my manners? There's no right and left.
You have only the stars and old Dead's here to jest.

- You scare me and mock me. You're also insane.
But I am not dead for I still can feel pain.
- Relax, pain will pass, just as you pass away.
But if you excuse me, I must be on my way.

- But where will you go if you truly are dead?
- Oh, that my new friend, is both funny and sad:
For while you are here, your flesh remains hollow,
And where you came from, I choose to follow.

That is no more than a circle of life.
You've had a good job, loving children and wife.
I ve had mine as well but as all comes to end,
You will have to wait for your own foolish friend.

And with these last words the Dead was no more.
He is now Living as he's been once before.
The Dying however now calls himself Dead.
Ages alone will drive anyone mad.

@музыка: NeverDead

@настроение: Good

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