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Записи с темой: dark and empty (список заголовков)

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Intelligent Evil
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Anger management is very very important.

Intelligent Evil
Worst new year ever! I ll know better next time.
You may call me homophobic now, I don't care. Last bits of my tolerance died with drunken girls.

@музыка: Deathclock

@настроение: So freaking good!

@темы: Dark and empty, English, Жизнь, Мысли, Тьма


Всех с наступившим!

Intelligent Evil
собсно сабж.

@музыка: Reborn OST

@настроение: Strange

@темы: Dark and empty, Жизнь


Shadows return

Intelligent Evil
Greetings, mortals (and not). I wish to tell you of a particular book, I've been reading for the last several days. It is neither more, nor less - the first book of the first trilogy about Erevis Cale by Paul Kemp, known as "Twilight Falling".


2 more books about great assassin await, and I can hardly keep my patience at bay.

@музыка: Crows: Zero OST

@настроение: tired

@темы: Dark and empty, English, Жизнь, Книги, Рецензии

The Chronicle of Eternity