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I just HAVE TO share it with you guys! *_*

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Интернет - штука обширная. В нем может найтись или потеряться великое множество интересных вещей. Порой находятся они совершенно внезапно. Так я, пересматривая в ы-дцатый раз уморительные рекламные ролики ВоВа с Мистером Т, Оззи и другими знаменитостями, совершенно случайно наткнулся вот на эту гениальнейшую песню про/для онлайн-геймеров:
собсно клип

Как оказалось спустя несколько часов поисков и скачиваний клип этот основан на небольшом сериале. Серии там в среднем длятся минут по 5, бюджет минимален, но актеры, диалоги и сюжет гениальны! Это чудо называется The Guild и повествуется там о жизни одной маленькой, но сплоченной гильдии из 6 человек, об их онлайне и реале; об их проблемах и взаимоотношениях. Оно начиналось, как любительский проект группы энтузиастов, но после выхода первого сезона получило поддержку и одобрение таких гигантов как Майкрософт и Близзард. Само это, черт возьми, говорит о многом.
Просто загуглите "The Guild" хоть на том же ю-тубе - на данный момент существует 3 сезона, где-то по 10 серий в каждом, что по временным рамкам очень немного, однако по части художественной и эмоциональной ценности перекрывает многое!

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I stole another mob.

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Blizzard announced Starcraft 2 release date!

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The day has come.
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Cataclysm is near, time to get your insurance...

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Совершенно случайно наткнулся на сайт, где постят все нововведения, подготовленные Близзардом в их колоссальном дополнении для ВоВ. С цитатами и редкими кадрами. Оно... впечатляет. О____О
Изменения, грядущие в Катаклизме. Читайте снизу и не забывайте подбирать челюсть./

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Inquisition, it never gets old-fashioned.

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You have been told of the Inquisition; that shadowy organisation which defends Mankind and the Emperor from the perils of heresy, possession, alien dominance and rebellion.

You have been told the Inquisition are the ultimate defence against the phantoms of fear and terror which lurk in the darkness between the stars.

You have been told the Inquisition are the bright saviours in an ecipse of evil; purest and most devoted warriors of the Emperor.

You have been told the Inquisition is united in its cause to rid the galaxy of any threat from without or within.

Everything you have been told is a lie!

^(с) Предисловие к Inquisitor Ascendant, book 2, которую мне совершенно случайно довелось приобрести. Оно еще и в виде графической новеллы *_*
Во всей вселенной Вархаммер 40к мне всегда особенно нравилась Инквизиция)

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Чтоб не потерять мысли)


Anger management is very very important.

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Worst new year ever! I ll know better next time.
You may call me homophobic now, I don't care. Last bits of my tolerance died with drunken girls.

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Shadows return

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Greetings, mortals (and not). I wish to tell you of a particular book, I've been reading for the last several days. It is neither more, nor less - the first book of the first trilogy about Erevis Cale by Paul Kemp, known as "Twilight Falling".


2 more books about great assassin await, and I can hardly keep my patience at bay.

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Arugal was shocked... literally

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Tonight I was in Shadowfang Keep. Twice. Twice in a row. In Horde dungeon. Playing as Alliance hero. Furthermore as a night elf rogue.
And this is neither madness, nor Sparta, this is Azeroth!!!
I got this absurd idea of visiting this old and familiar dungeon not long after midnight (oh time of greatest ideas!). Soon enough I found another madman to assist me, then 2 more, and finally after half an hour of waiting we got our fifth - young, yet good priest. It was extremely difficult to get in the middle of Horde territory for our raid, but we managed to do it. What we didn't know back then, was that our co-tanking warrior was on a trial account, so he could neither hear our conversation, nor understand what's going on. He was like a defective droid on a rampage - fighting fiercely for his own life he didn't listen to any of our pleas, commands and protests. It was even tolerable until one single deed was done. What pissed me off, is the moment, this Rambo took "need roll" for a pure rogue item - agility improving leather shoulders. The good thing about it was that they dropped from the very first boss. When we got to the last boss, great warlock Arugal, I was already grinning over new ring, cloak and 2 (!) 10-slot bags. Poor guy didn't know what to do - we were not the usual Horde fellows, he got used to, so he died. We were really happy over our insane success and praying good mood to be enough motivation, I asked my comrades to come again for the shoulders from first boss. Luckily they agreed! Even more luckily - shoulders dropped, and to make my luck extreme - trial account guy left before our return. We were four against all the werewolves and ghosts of Arugal. After I got those shoulders we were standing there for about 5 minutes in silence, untill someone suggested to pay Arugal himself another visit. Everyone agreed. It was absolute fun without any dangerous moments. The party was perfect: 2 paladins, rogue (me) and priest.
Arugal died twice of my hand tonight and that is true success!
Oh and btw one of the paladins was named Hemor - lol , tho he was good)
And I have not yet returned to Azeroth - this male night elf rogue belongs to Axiniana, I only lvl him up and make him good money-maker as an inscriptor.

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Shadows are long these days, they bring stories of Faerun.

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It's been a while since my last review in english. Now I would like to tell you of not a single book but of a trilogy, and not a simple trilogy but three very specific books written by Paul Kemp about well known world of Forgotten Realms. It goes by the name of
The Twilight War
Will you dare to enter the shadows?

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Welcome home, Richard!

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He is finally here!
Chief warlock of the brothers of darkness, lord of the thirteen hells, master of the bones, emperor of the black, lord of the undead... and a mayor of the little village up the coast.
Or just Richard, sadistic warlock, I truly admire, is finally here. After half a year waiting he made to the lands of Leteria and I welcome him as good lord should always welcome dear guests who can melt his face. Even tho he is just a plushie, I am happy, he arrived)


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The swords are truly less important than the people who wield them.

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"- Aerion thinks, he is a dragon in human form, as he was born under the sigil of Targaryens.
- A pity he wasn't born a Fossoway, then he'd think himself an apple and we'd all be a deal safer."(c)

Today I suddenly decided to visit local bookshop, not far from my university. I honestly wasn't hoping to find anything interesting there, yet what I found was far beyond any expectations. As it was not even a book but graphic novel adaptation of "Hedge Knight" by George R. R. Martin in english. I intentionally do not want to use word "comics" as it is truly a graphic novel and is based on a novel created by the genius of my favourite author. Treasure worth searching, indeed, yet I got it by accident, not even knowing about its existance. That's what I call a bit of luck!
It is important to notice that this novel was created by Marvel artists so the quality of artwork is way high. I do accept such images of these lords and knights, well known for their deeds in the past Westeros. I didn't have opportunity to read the original of "Hedge Knight" so I have no right of judging the story adaptation, yet I can only say, that I like it the way, it was told in this novel.
It is the story, happened long before the high treason of Lannisters, long before the Game of Thrones, in times of the last dragon kings, in times when noble knights were not so rare as they are now. Yet so, even then it had been truly said that the best knights are not some lordlings in shining armor with silver longswords in hand, but hedge knights armed only with their honor. As it is honor, others lack even now. It is a story of a new-born hedge knight, Ser Dunkan the Tall, former squire to Ser Arlan of the Penny Tree, a knight who had nothing but his honor to depend on. And so he did, and it served him well, making him a part of history, well known by small and grand folk of Westeros. And he was neither a hero, nor a villian, it was just a joke of fate. Treasons, friendship, triumph and tragedy, tale of a single tournament. I was happy to read it.
Well I was really glad to visit the world of "Song of Ice and Fire" universe once again. It was a pleasant visit, and I am still keeping all my patience for "A Dance with Dragons", which is not going to appear soon. A year at least has to pass before english-language version is delibered into russian bookshops. A pity, but I can wait.
If someone is currently looking for a good present for this New Year and knows how to order things from abroad....
I would like to reccomend you this book but I doubt you ll find it easily, so I ll just say that it is a really good graphical novel, and if you enjoy reading books of George R. R. Martin, you ll also find pleasure in reading this one.

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3 things for you to know.

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That's gonna be post in english, I warn you.
For those who avoid warnings

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No time this time.

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Sorry but this time i have no chance to write normal post so just the main things.
1) I am writing these words from a little hotel in the middle of corn field -.-
2) I am sick of all these religion tales."This cathedral...bla-bla-bla... That church...bla-bla-bla... Monastery over there...bla-bla-bla-bla...". That's not something, atheist can endure in a week.
3) still no sea for me.
4) I feel addicted to local version of cola. Srsly even more than in Russia O.O
5) I have to get up in 6 every morning.
6) Yea I am on my complaining streak.
7) I am still alive having fun.

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Insomnia of double "M".

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Insomnia is good enough reason to get down from my room and spend a few euros on internet. I need to get up in 6 tomorrow - have to catch a falling tower or two... Wait what do you mean it is ALWAYS falling? O.O
Nevermind then I ll just drop a couple more and see them fall for sure -.-
So if you hear about second falling tower of Piza...or third... or fourth... or fourteenth... I always dreamt of 14 falling towers ^^... thats me.
And little more about today meanwhile.
I spent half of day walking round Rome. Whole city is like our "Lubyanka" and "Arbat" - lots of narrow streets and small shops. And thousands of thousand of thousands.... souvenirs! Gosh what do they buy for themselves here?! Another little Coliseum or small Caesar for a living room? That's scary - 4 hours of walking and no normal shops around. I only found 1 bookshop and 1 DVD-shop. That's no capital in my opinion!
While walking I however managed to get off the map-shown territory and see about 10 McDonalds. Of course I had to visit at least 1 of them! First thing I noticed - perfect service. They re extremely fast. It took em about 10 minutes to serve 6 people in my line. The problem is same as in Moscow - no free tables. And those italians eat much slower than they speak. How can mouth work so differently for 2 tasks? It is fast food, argh! I had to eat near the fountain and I was not only Mc-eater there. It was tasty as usual) Good to know that uncle McD. will feed me anywhere!^^
I also checked italian Metro. The reason I had to do it is that I was walking for too long time and was not remembering the way. I used method "choose random path on each crossroads" and it worked pretty nice^^. Well i had fun until I realized that it's time to search for Metro. It is pretty similiar to Moscow but the difference is interesting: ticket selling system is automatized - no old hags to roar on you for your youth. The train itself was also faster but it took a bit more time to wait between trains. Stations are pretty ugly but trains look more futuristic and have more handles to keep from falling.
So that's a few more details for those who can understand my english tales)

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You thought that Neapol was hot? Volcano time!

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Second post from Italy. If you managed to translate previous one, I believe you won't have any problems with this. It gets hotter every day here, and it is even worse because these days are for excursions, not for swimming. So no water for poor burning me... *insert tears and pathos here*
Yet our guide seems to think that it is not hot enough as she sent us to Pompei! Yep volcano is here and it knows what to do with tourists. Funny thing about this excursion is that we spent most time listening to how nasty life was in this ancient city. Local ancient "Red lights street" is the only conditioned part of this archeologic museum. Not to mention those annoying children in our touristic group running around and crying about...well everything! Anyway Pompei was nice enough *tho they didn't let me climb this volcano too! >.<*. Greek ruins are better :P
I also had a little search for anime when everyone was shopping. No anime was found *except Dragonball Z which seems to be extremely popular here* but I found italian manga and bought a volume of Naruto manga. It was full of spoilers! No one could spoil me that much, yet I was touched with art and things happening in that volume!
Interesting thing is that in Italy you can buy manga in any magazin-shop. And it is also cheap (3-5 euro). And I also foung big Gaara figurine for 8 euro. They sold it as a child toy! *sigh* Well it is mine now^^
Now I am in Rome and it is a lot cleaner than Neapol. Today I visited Vatikan and I ll always be surprised on how much money and talent people waste on religion. Just to think that whole this "country" is based on religion is a big rumble for my atheistic brain. Tomorrow we move to the next town and I ll try to keep this diary updated.
This post was much more pessimistic than previous one but honestly it is still good here, the only thing changing is my mood and sometimes I have this annoying mood when I write in irritated state of mind. I just feel really lonely here - our guide keeps repeating how good it is that people in our group have each other. I am far not glad with my co-groupers... Yea-yea annoying words again. Ignore em and try to get only good info^^'
Wish you were here...

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The Chronicle of Eternity