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First major technical issue。

Intelligent Evil
Ok it was meant to be the last post from here with the conclusion, feelings about the end of the trip and stuff like that。 But its f**king Mac and some smartass installed some idiotic thing that automatically translates everything into chinese。I have to press mouse after every word。 I can't type like that for long - its a torture。
So cya on Monday。

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First thing I d like to ask of you.

Intelligent Evil
I arrive at Moscow this Monday at around 4 in the morning. As I plan to sleep in the plane I would like to drop my stuff at home, take a shower and go to the movies. So the question is:
Who is crazy enough to meet me in the morning (around 9-10) and go to the first movie of the day (of your choice - almost any will do for me)?
Then we d sit or walk somewhere and you d get the chance to be the very first person to hear of my chinese adventures.
Come on - don't miss your chance! Charge me up! I badly need to see some familiar face)

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First movie in the foreign cinema

Intelligent Evil
Well I finally found the cinema. Sometimes chinese logic takes me aback. Whereas in Russia cinemas are usually at the top floor of the mall, here they re in the goddamn basement! No wonder I couldn't find one for so long.
Now the best part - I watched R.E.D. in english! (For those who missed it, I have reviewed it sometime ago) It was spectacular! The original voices are great and mind you, that movie was translated well in Russia. But some wonderful bits were lost in translation - like Ivan speakin russian and callin Vallery "Moy zaychik" and Frank tryin to speak russian at the Ambassy. That was additional bit of fun for me. Also I noticed one more negative thing about russian cinemas - they totally minimize the sound while makin voice over. An explosion shouldn't go "boom...", it should make "BOOOOOOM!!!" - chinese don't have such problem with their subtitles policy. But unlike most of other stuff, prices in the cinema are the same as in Russia.
And while I'm on it I d like to add a bit about chinese movies. I ve seen some trailers at the cinema and I do have a TV in the hotel so I can judge a bit. The main thing is - they make about as much sense as russian ones - none at all BUT they re making up for it with special effects. Watching this bullshit doesn't hurt my eyes because its beautiful visually. The fights are set well, the magic and explosions look impressive and the plot behind it is not that important. So if russian movie makers at least try and improve the visual part we can at least get close to China (never surpass it or even South Africa tho I guess) at the movies.
Some old ones are really Spartan tho. Positively Spartan... I guess. Here's the best part of what I ve seen:
Some guy in a rich robe (probably the emperor) is fighting a band of assassins. He knocks them all down but then one guy makes a sudden attack and sends poor fellow flying 15 metres in the air. Next moment he's awake at the pirate slave ship in chains. Well he's no average slave so he simply rips his chains in pieces and starts fighting the crew. But then a girl (captain I guess) shows up with a needle (yes the very simple sewing needle with a line attached) and throws it at the emperor. She misses so the needle is stuck in the ship. She gets it back soon rippin large part of the deck and sending lots of wood flying in process. The emperor tries to get off the ship on a rope (a big sailor's rope) but the girl throws her needle again and after her throw the rope is cut in half. So the emperor falls down and blacks out. When he's awake again the chains are much bigger and there are 2 ogre-like bodyguards at each side of him.
Thats how Spartan they are. We need to watch more of those!))
Oh and I also bought a large figurine of Lady Vashj for 150y (about 675rub) - thats more than 3000 cheaper than in Russia^^
Cya later!

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First club review

Intelligent Evil
First I would like to say - good morning - as the day has just recently started for me)
Now about the night. The club "Chocolate" was just awesome. When I first saw it, my reaction was like "Wha..? And that small square building is the great club you told me of?". But soon enough I found out that it was just a building to contain the security personnel and the escalator (yes a freaking escalator!) down to the actual place. Its really breath-taking.
First - its huge - bigger than all the russian clubs I ve been in. Not that I ve been in many of em ofc...^^'
Second - its luxurious - it looks like a top-grade place with all the candle lights, red and golden walls and tall throne-like armchairs.
Third - with all the rich looking stuff, prices there are very moderate and I could easily afford several drinks a night and have some spare money as well.
Fourth - its energetic - the dance music (mix of russian, caucasian and europe/american) was good and the dancing only stopped when semi-nude girls were on the stage to show their skill.
Fifth - there were actual singers (chinese) who flawlessly performed russian songs.
And on top of that most of the staff understood russian and there were a lot of tourists dancing.
And not that it matters, but one of the securities was a really mean looking gnome (about the height of my waist) who by the look of his eyes could break all your bones with just his bald forehead. Just to see him was worth the way there really)

Now why am I the only one telling stuff here? You tell me whats happening in Russia, or more importantly in your lives. Big stuff, small stuff, random stuff - please my ears eyes with some news.
Also who are the new free chars in LoL?^^

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First chinese night out

Intelligent Evil
Ok today was the last day of tour. There are 2 more "free" days during which I plan to do 3 things:
1) Finish up the wishlist. sorry, Major, most of these people don't even know the word "bridge" and I ve passed 2 damn souvenir streets from one end to the other. But I ll keep searching.
2) Take pictures of the local crazy architecture.
3) Find the pretty damn well hidden cinema and watch a movie in english.
Now about the today - it was the most useless day so far. We visited the home of some local citizen (just a simple village-like house really - nothing interesting), then we had a ride with bicycle rikshas (these guys are aces. They re like space marines. Just on the bicycles.) and then we visited the olympic sport objects (Still have no clue as to why we did that.).
Buuuuuuut the day isn't over yet (actually here it almost is but thats not the point) - and I'm being taken to the local russian district to experience the pleasantries of night life (club and such).
Cya tomorrow. (damn, this post needs more brackets!)
(damn I need to be more concentrated - each couple of brackets is a thought gone awry)
(((((((((((MOAR BRACKETS!111))))))))))

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First enrage

Intelligent Evil
I don't know who wrote about sex or posted some mature content but because of you I can't read everyone else, cause there's parental control installed here (thats also why I can't check anyone's profile). Please close such posts from me for next couple of days.

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First local wildlife encounter.

Intelligent Evil
Well today I ve been at the famous chinese tea ceremony. Honestly I learned a lot about tea. Btw most of us drink it wrong - it shouldn't be brewed, but poured several time over and over instead. Tried out several kinds of tea - some were especially tasty and sweet. Thats 1 more point crossed from the wishlist too.
I also tried out the famous beijing duck - it was pretty nice and crispy)
Now the big stuff - I visited the Temple of the Sky (which is actually a big park). Here in China it is customary that old people gather in parks for different activities but when I first heard of it I thought of some cards or chess or some board games... No way! These guys are like a 60+ years old Bolotnaya Square residents. They juggle, they dance, they play local version of socks, they dance with swords, they show such synchronized acrobatics that my eyes were like plates at that moment. And these people are the same age as my grandparents. That was just awesome.
There was one negative moment about it tho - there are a lot of annoying street traders here and most of em are quite old too so this park was great for their "surprise attacks"; some old man walkin past you could suddenly get a box of fake watches from under his coat or a pack of postcards or a stupid propeller hat - you need to react fast in order to avoid him then.
*remembers about post name* And I saw a squirrel there. It was very cute^^
Oh and one more random fact about China: they totally ignore traffic lights here. The usual "green=walk, red=stop" rule doesn't work here. Instead its all about who takes the free road first. And don't forget about hundreds of bicycles sharin the same light as walkers . You can get hit by anything here, just keep your eyes open and your legs quick.
Cya again in next reports.

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First climb atop the Wall.

Intelligent Evil
Well it happened - the big one - the trip to the Great Chinese Wall. I only wish I had more time there, an hour and half is far not enough. I' ve made a lot of photos, but luck has funny sense of humor so at the most important today to take pictures (Mountains!!!!) the weather had mist in stock for us. So I don't know how much is visible of the spectacular background I d been enjoying but the fact is - there are photos, expect em.
Now more about the Wall itself. Not sure where to start tho... Well its big, and I mean it - its amazingly enormous! Next I have some bad news for the male part of my readers (I know you re few and all, guys, but take a deep breath and prepare yourself); most of you are officially not proper men here in China. Cause as an ancient chinese poet wrote (and its been documented in the giant stone, mind you!) "Every true man has climbed the Great Wall". I have and even got a certificate to verify it not mentioning photos! :P
Then there are towers and the distance between towers is unmeasurably different since they have stairs and flat ways mixed at random. Stairs also vary a lot - there are different sizes of steps, different distances and even different directions. But I ve made up a rule for myself - no stops between towers. I kept goin no matter how much tired I was and how heavily I breathed. At the tower tops I felt myself a champion after an important match won. I climbed it up till 12th tower top, starting at 6th. Would go for more ofc but the time limit was strict. Then it was the walk run down with such adrenaline rush that I was actually yelling some positive stuff near the end.
I also visited an Emperor's Tomb and it was not impressive at all tbh - thats not what you expect from an Emperor with a dozen of yards in his palace. Just a couple of stone rooms with only difference that one has thrones and the other - coffins and treasure boxes which are not even present - there are red boxes to show size of it and thats all.
Well these 2 points also got me 2 lines crossed out of the collective wish list I have. And also about that - there s one major complication about it - I need a new list of teas (cause I lost the paper^^') and I may not even get those at all since everything is written in chinese and russian here is rare and often poor.
Oh and I ve found a bit of info about those massage salons around - it figures, I was right after all and most of em are in fact disguised brothels along with most of barber shops here (I need to start countin those as well, now that I know it - there's quite a lot of em around too). These also use an interesting system of attraction - the photos visible from outside do not really show the haircuts, instead they actually show the girls available here. Thats quite useless but funny notion. So yeah I'm officially livin in a local red lights district but be silent about it - those are all massage salons and barber shops after all, not some kind of brothels, yeah, cause otherwise they d be closed by police ofc^^

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First strike of Home Sickness.

Intelligent Evil
Beijing is a lot like Moscow - I can walk here endlessly and not get tired as places keep changin but still look familiar. The problem is - instead of walkin (with someone or for some specific purpose), all I do is wander aimlessly until my feet start hurting. Number of massage houses and sex shops multiplied by 3. Nothing else of interest found, except for 2 McDonalds and a KFC, also seen a bit of alternative architecture - it looks awesome. Feelin a bit lonely. hell its second day, get hold of yourself! ><
Ok, tomorrow I'm goin to see the Wall.
Today I ve been at Emperor's Palace. It is impressive indeed but I think its way too large. Feelin urge to rewatch Jet Li's "Hero". It was next to impossible to be an assassin in ancient China - just gettin close to the Emperor would exhaust you to the limit and there re guards to fight, mind you. And I do think Bleach's Soul Society was partly copied from that palace.
Wanna try and find a cinema here that shows movies in english (or at least any cinema anyway - is it capital or what?).
My exploration continues.

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First post from abroad

Intelligent Evil
Hi guys! Or should I say "nihao"? ;P
I'm here and here is Beijing hotel. Its right in the centre of the city and its quite cool here (not by temperature but by state of things).
It took me freaking 12 hours (-4 due to time change) to get into this country. And hell, are these people slow! In airport at least. 40 min to get us a landing pad to the plane? Give me a break! But then it takes them yet an hour more to give you your visa. Yes a whole hour to write 3 little pieces of paper and glue photos to em. Then you have to wait 15 min for a special train that takes you to your luggage (!). I felt myself a goddamn Gordon Freeman riding on that slow train to the first level the destination. And then its still time to get to the hotel ofc. Unfortunately our guide is chinese and her russian is... lets face it - its bad.
But then the good bit starts - the hotel. Its great: new building with all the clean and fresh stuff, room with a 2-people bed in 1-person room, and a free 40 channels of TV to go with it. Most channels are chinese tho but there s HBO with movies in english with subtitles. I ve already watched a nice one - "Born Free - New Adventure" - a surprisingly good and kind story about 2 young people in Africa taking care of a lioness together. How the hell did I have time to watch a movie, you may ask? Well thats because I adapted better than usually to the time change. I mean I got asleep at 2.30 yesterday and woke up full of energy without my phone signal at 6 today. So obviously I had some time before breakfast.
Now the thing that I can't understand yet - the surrounding shops. I counted at least 11 massage houses in a km territory around our hotel. Just why?
I have 3 possible explanations:
1) Chinese people are really, really fond of massage.
2) Its some sort of massage street.
3) Some (if not all) of these massage houses are actually "massage" houses.
There is also one thing in favor of 3rd option - besides the massage houses there are 3 sex shops around.
And as a conclusion I d like to add that these people are indeed short - I'm feelin myself a giant here.
Thats Lett out. I ll try to keep you updated. Have fun!

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Never attend anything with "makers of Twilight" in the titles

Intelligent Evil
Вот поэтому я ни за что не пойду на этот фильм. Я знал, что так оно и будет.
Если вы все-таки собираетесь пойти на это, видео смотреть не стоит - спойлеры.
Рецензия от Бомжа на "Красную Шапочку"

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One game for a Lady

Intelligent Evil
Посвящается Tory Dark. Надеюсь, тебе еще не наскучили твои любимые "Крестики-Нолики")

Crosses and Naughts

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The best review on Inception ever made!

Intelligent Evil
Какая невероятная экспрессия, сколько чувства и позитива в этой великолепной рецензии! Даже я не смог бы написать лучше, чем рассказывает Честер А. Бомж. Наслаждайтесь, фанаты "Начала"!

Рецензия Бомжа на "Начало"

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"Keep off" is here to bang your damned ears!

Intelligent Evil
Откопал во френдленте один прелюбопытный флэшмоб:


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SMOLENSK!!! or difficulties of drunken international dialog.

Intelligent Evil
Как-то так получилось, что я всю прошлую ночь до сегодняшнего утра гулял по Москве - гулял в отличной компании надо заметить. В процессе посмотрел еще раз Ученика Чародея и прошел нехилый путь от Арбата и обратно. НО самое примечательное событие всей ночи: встреча с пьяным туристом из Дании в ресторанчике!)
Он был невероятно общителен, хотя не понимал ни слова по русски и говорил на весьма ломаном английском (хотя тут могло сказаться состояние опьянения) и постоянно почему-то громко и не в тему повторял "Смоленск!!!" - он этот город использовал даже вместо приветствия по-моему))
Выяснял, не из Смоленска ли мы; на наш дружный отрицательный ответ, решил, что определенно из Смоленска. Долго не хотел верить, что это все-таки не так)
Очень долго расспрашивал нас про "столицу Москвы", на что мы с уверенностью ему заявили, что столица Москвы - Арбат!) Затем он окунулся в воспоминания о родине, которая по его словам "плоская как блин" - "ну вот вааааще нету гор, совсем, понимаете, да?". После чего долго сравнивал все подряд размерами с Кремлем, включая разные города и страны - мы не стали его шокировать фактом, что Кремль в России не один)
Под конец он еще разок помянул свой любимый Смоленск (мы решили не уточнять, к чему он его так регулярно вспоминает) и, попрощавшись со всеми, напоследок пригласил девушек с собой обратно в Данию))
Вот такая веселуха в 4 утра!

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A statement

Intelligent Evil
Today was an awful day. 2 less k in money and numberless less nerves in brain. No questions please - I'm not ready to give answers yet (if I ll ever be). Just take it as granted. Awful day. Hatred >_<

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Sudden inspiration that came from heat.

Intelligent Evil
Очень злободневное стихотворение на инглише, пришедшее ко мне сегодня в голодном и жарком бреду.

Melting Man

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And a fail it is.

Intelligent Evil
I failed to get a perfect streak at this session as today at Intercultural communication I faced a feministic harpy who was deliberately bringin guys down. If someone doesn't know, in my university it is like 1 guy to 10 girls or so. Somehow all the girls passed and at least 3 guys did not, me included. Damn! So freaking unfair.

Now I have all summer to prepare for rematch.

And still 3 exams ahead.

And also tomorrow is the worst day ever - I must concentrate whole my luck on it, and I ask you to lend me your mind power. Tomorrow I will have to answer ALL topics to a bitch not once mentioned in my "to kill" notebook, and that is why I need your help.

On the bright side, I have a can of Dr. Pepper standing in front of me and it makes all the things look better)

Update - all this mess is postponed till tomorrow >_<
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Long and nasty day...

Intelligent Evil
...is finally comin to its end.
Headaches, bad weather, misfortune and lots of university "pleasantries". Sure, why not! >_<

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Bad ideas are so bad...

Intelligent Evil
If you ever face the temptation to eat whole pack of cookies, resist, damn it! >_<
Now I feel sick.

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The Chronicle of Eternity